Limericks for Charles Darwin

There once was a Darwin devotee Whose phylogenetics were hokey “I know my origin” He said with a sly grin “I have a great uncle named monkey!” ———— There was an old teacher from Kansas Who doubted we came from chimpanzas He smote evolution Taught God as solution Now the ACLU wants the man’s ass.

Grave Sunshine

On reading W.B. Yeats’ “The Song of the Happy Shepherd” The poets in their foolish song Have captured for my reading Glimmers of their thoughts, long gone Desperately pleading. We walked in sunshine once as you And toiled after truth We gloried in our bodies once And reveled in our handsome youth We left our…

Hurt and Angry

Out of my mouth come words Like ugly flowers Nursed on bitter waters More black than blue More lies than true Smelling of a stinky slough Of oozing wounds and decay Unseen and hidden But real Perhaps a clear spring Still exists beneath Perhaps the Divine Hand Can heal and cleanse What I cannot yet…

Prayer while feeling rushed in daily living

Original Publish Date: 11/1/14 O God Forgive me for this busy prayer Atop my business like a layer Of dust upon my uncleaned shelves Abandoned by my cleaning elves. Hear my superficial cant Atop my awkward stumbling gait Half-witted like my untied shoe Have mercy as I wretch towards you. Grant this day some odd…

Garden Umbrella

Original Publish Date: 9.1.00 Tall, solitary, unhindered It stands with its arms down Its white canvas draped around it Like a devotee in his robe Head down in solemn discourse Pleats shuffle around in the breeze Looking like a schoolgirl’s skirt Churned back and forth listlessly During a scolding Shamed eyes looking at the ground…

These Leaves

Original Publish Date: 11.1.00 I got a Thanksgiving card from Mom today With the reds, oranges, and yellows of fall Cut out of the cover into a string of leaves and a pumpkin. She is always on time with cards Inside, some pressed leaves, real ones Presumably from her yard, Or somewhere down the country…


Original Publish Date: 7.1.1 My face droops with The solemn determination to make it Through the day Resigned and hardened To the diatribes of conscience Like the patter of weekend rain “You should not have stayed up late – again.” I have work to do. Work to do. Zzz.


Original Publish Date: 7.1.1 Please do not ask me Where I have been – I am ashamed. Please do not tell me right now What I need to do – I am not ready to hear it. Please do not brag to me About your recent successes – I can not appreciate them Or enjoy…


Original Publication Date: 7.7.1 My mind is consumed With the solitary thought Of having to pee Other priorities ask for attention But they must wait Until I find a bathroom A restroom, a tree out of sight Anything will do It must happen now.

The Place

Original Publish Date: 7.1.1 There is a place Between all of the paradoxical dialectics Where time and truth meet And Isness replaces both So that neither exists except In the present moment. I will meet you there And we will become re-aquainted