HAIKU: Haikus Suck

Courtesy of my 8 yo son: Haikus really dumb Haikus are really pointless Haikus super poo

Christian Sarcasm

I created the attached meme after reading a nice essay in my new Unapologetic Study Bible, discussing whether or not Christians should use sarcasm, or name-calling, or satire.

Limericks for Charles Darwin

There once was a Darwin devotee Whose phylogenetics were hokey “I know my origin” He said with a sly grin “I have a great uncle named monkey!” ———— There was an old teacher from Kansas Who doubted we came from chimpanzas He smote evolution Taught God as solution Now the ACLU wants the man’s ass.

Intelligent Design group proves that ‘God probably created HIV’

In a stunning press release, Intelligent Design group The Group for Order and Design In Science (GODIS) has proposed that the structure of the HIV virus could not have arisen by natural processes, and was therefore engineered. “Our calculations are quite revealing,” stated Rex Numero, chief statistician at GODIS.  “We were inspired by Reverend Jeremiah…

Coming out to your parents as polygamous

It is very exciting to live in a day when previously ridiculed and marginalized people groups are receiving legal and social recognition and rights. Blacks, women, and now homosexuals are finally finding their place in the sun as decades, even centuries of discrimination are being dispatched to the dust bin of history. But the fight…

The Drama of Bad Church Testimonies

Few things are as influential as positive testimonies, be they for products, or for faith. The practice of telling the story of how you came to faith, a.k.a. the personal testimony, has waned of late in many churches, in no small part because either people are not getting born again, or those who are are not…

Prayer while feeling rushed in daily living

Original Publish Date: 11/1/14 O God Forgive me for this busy prayer Atop my business like a layer Of dust upon my uncleaned shelves Abandoned by my cleaning elves. Hear my superficial cant Atop my awkward stumbling gait Half-witted like my untied shoe Have mercy as I wretch towards you. Grant this day some odd…

American Light Bulb Jokes

So I was thinking how much I love stereotypes and ethnic jokes, & I realized that there aren’t enough good anti American jokes. Hopefully I won’t be attacked for being a racist if I make jokes about my own country. So I thought about the qualities of Americans that are annoying. I had to think…

What is good satire?

I want to write a short series of satirical stories, but in doing so, I want to make clear what my purpose is, and so I first want to paint my view of the content and purposes of satire.  Enjoy. 1. The goals of satire v. sarcasm Many people confuse these two types of communication,…


Original Publication Date: 7.7.1 My mind is consumed With the solitary thought Of having to pee Other priorities ask for attention But they must wait Until I find a bathroom A restroom, a tree out of sight Anything will do It must happen now.