My Favorite Bourbons

Since moving to Tennessee, I’ve moved from being a Bourbon n00b to someone who loves to sip the delicious ones. There is a huge difference between common popular swill like Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s to those in this list. And it’s not about price, but taste. And of course, we all have our own taste – heck, even JD does taste good once in a while, if for no other reason than nostalgia. And by the way, if you are a Christian who wonders about drinking, check out my post on this topic entitled 10 Biblical Points on Alchohol and Drinking.

Last Update: 03.06.2022

My Favorite Bourbons

  1. EH Taylor small batch
  2. Hancock President’s Reserve (smooth as your baby’s bottom)
  3. Pinhook War
  4. Blanton’s (a standard)
  5. Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Bourbon
  6. Jefferson’s Small Batch
  7. Willett Pot Still Bourbon (great bottle too)
  8. Henry McKenna 10
  9. Weller (12 or Antique)
  10. Angels Envy Finished Rye
  11. Elijah Craig Small Batch (my $30 fave)

Good Also-Rans

  1. Angels Envy. (floral and smooth, great for sipping or Old Fashions)
  2. Basil Haden Toast
  3. Blue Note 9 Year (unique flavor)
  4. Buffalo Trace
  5. Bulleit
  6. Chattanooga 91 Solera Barrel Finished
  7. Calumet
  8. Eagle Rare (over hyped?)
  9. Early Times (a great $30 bottle)
  10. Four Roses Small Batch
  11. Hibiki. (complex and smoky almost like a scotch, but sweet like bourbon)
  12. High West
  13. Hudson’s Baby Bourbon (100% corn mash, not for everyone)
  14. Jefferson Reserve
  15. Maker’s Mark Cask Strength
  16. A Mid Winters Night Dram (really good if you can find it)
  17. New Riff
  18. Old Hickory (a surprisingly decent $20 80-proof bourbon)
  19. Stagg Jr

Not Good IMO

  1. 1792
  2. 1792 Sweet Wheat
  3. Basil Haden
  4. Belle Mead
  5. Blue Note Juke Joint Bourbon
  6. Bookers (hot!)
  7. Chattanooga Cask 111
  8. Evan Williams Single Barrel
  9. Heaven’s Door
  10. Jack Daniels
  11. Jameson (terrible)
  12. Jim Beam
  13. Knob Creek
  14. Larceny
  15. Makers Mark
  16. Noah’s Mill
  17. Old Forester
  18. Old Grand Dad
  19. Old Scout
  20. Rowans Creek
  21. Russels
  22. Seagrams (terrible)
  23. Traverse City Whiskey Co.
  24. Wathen’s Kentucky Bourbon
  25. Wild Turkey
  26. Woodford Reserve