Why do I write?

What inspires me to write? Is it for myself, for posterity, or notoriety? I write for many reasons, most of which are pleasurable.

There is something cathartic and relieving about getting thoughts outside of the jumbled and troubled mind, where they swirl in a nauseating incompleteness like spaghetti. Incomplete and unformed except as sprites running around insanely jabbering.

For me, it is about order. Outlines. A beginning, middle, and end encapsulating something important, or helpful, insightful, or hopeful.

I am trying to figure out this world, and would like to enjoy helping others who might pay with appreciation and their own success. Some work is very hard for me. Concentrating my fingers on Legos and lawn equipment drives me to frustration. But toying with ideas and putting them into systems? What fun that can be.

I used to read a lot of scifi when I was young, but never really wrote it. I still enjoy Star Trek, for the relational aspect, but more for the leadership lessons.

I think all good scifi is really social critique and political theory. Always answering the same question, what is man, what is happiness, and how does technology serve us in doing what is good and necessary.

I am getting older, and for all I’ve read and written, have accomplished little with either. Maybe in the winter of my days I can vocalize what I have learned. But it seems so small.

In the end, I must trust myself to God and His kindness.