A Jeremiad for Souls Lost to Abortion

Often human cruelties are perpetuated and masked by the good intentions and ethical inversions of Utopians. Hailing a better day when such cruelties are no longer necessary, they opine that their favored solutions are not final, but only temporary as long as humanity has not removed suffering from the nations.

It is better, they say, to remove the weak and unconscious so that they do not suffer, and to ensure that their potential caretakers are not overly burdened. Compassion overflows like their emotions, but their own helplessness and perceived victimhood buttress their pension for destruction of the weak, like a priest raging against the rule of celibacy by defending his pedophilia.

They do not feign good will, but honestly feel themselves protectors of liberty; but liberty from what, and from whom? Who is the Censure who forbids lying, stealing, and killing? Who has forced these prohibitions into black and white when all morality is gray?

I was raped, therefore, may I not kill to remove the fruits of rape? May I not poison with salt the unexpected results of sexual intercourse outside of a readiness to have children? Sex and procreation, they say, are not tied together, and science has separated such things for our good, for freedom, for licentiousness, for my own progress and pleasure. No one is hurt, save the products of conception, the amorphic blob of cells, the unseen person who is therefore not a person.

Who grieves, however, for the woman whose conscience drags the entrails of her aborted child around like a pall, whose depression never leaves, whose heart is not assuaged by the justifications of feminists? Who cares to bring the message of guilt and forgiveness, instead of the message of original innocence, to the irreligious and spiritually barren?

Thankfully, thousands of women and children have escaped the guillotine of good intentions through a simple ultrasound, or gift of emotional support and perspective, impossible to young people’s undeveloped brains and inexperienced souls. The generous and free time and materials of James 1 believers who realize that the orphan and the widow must be helped, rather than killed.

But ethical and theological ambiguities abound. Many will support fetal dismemberment because we don’t know if the unborn have souls yet, or because nature itself sometimes aborts, or because their theory of government does not include protection of the weak, but rather, punishment of the strong. Because there is a moral gray area, then all must be permitted. Who can know what is right? Judge not or I will judge you. Discern not or I will berate you.

They have forgotten Dred Scott, a non-person without the rights or protections of citizenship. Though 3/5 of a person for census’ sake, 0/5 of a person for the right to life, liberty, or property. Merely the property of another. An economic reality to be dispensed with.  They have forgotten the dismemberment and strangling of black non-persons in our own country. They have forgotten the cost of ridding ourselves of slavery, thinking that the blood of the slain does not cry out against them and demand justice from God.

“We are just!” they cry. “We are defenders of the weak!” they plead. “We have cast out demons in your name!” they testify. “Christians are monsters!” they complain. When their deceptions are made clear, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. There will be self-cursing and God hatred. They will snarl like vampires in the light, drunk on the blood of the innocents, unable to change, but able only to participate in their own destruction. And yet they will defend themselves up to that day.